[rescue] Sun IPX Cdrom Booting issues

Benjamin Gardiner cvisors at carnagevisors.net
Thu Dec 26 08:50:52 CST 2002

I have an old Sun IPX, which I am trying to install sunos onto via 
The cdrom drive I am using is a Toshiba XM-5401B which I got out of my 
Silicon Graphics O2 (also used it to install irix on my indigo) which 
leads me to believe that it will enable me to install to the IPX.

I am able to boot the cd but when I try and install the miniroot, 
either via the menu or via the single user shell, I get constant 
errors, for example,

esp0:  Targes 6.0 reverting to async mode
sr0:	SCSI transport faied: reason 'data_ovr'": retrying command

and a load of other stuff, about current phase.

any ideas, or is the ipx realy picky about what it will use to boot 
or is there a way using my sgi machines to netboot this machine?
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