[rescue] Automounting NFS volumes on OSX

Michael Schiller schiller at agrijag.com
Wed Dec 25 16:19:49 CST 2002

On Wednesday, December 25, 2002, at 06:07 AM, Yuri K wrote:
> http://www.bresink.de/osx/


Thanks for the quick reply, but this isn't what I was looking for. The 
link is for shareware software that hides the 'complicated Unix command 
line', I'm not looking to hide it, but rather I'm interested in what it 
is! I tried using the line:

mount machinename:/export/home/username /mnt

(after creating the /mnt dir) which should work, but didn't. And I'm 
also interested in automounting the home dirs like I do in Solaris. 
Anyone have any ideas?

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