[rescue] Ultra 10

Larry Snyder larrys at lexis-nexis.com
Tue Dec 24 20:38:40 CST 2002

"Michael A. Turner" <mturner at whro.org> wrote:
> add a coprocessor card (just got a 400MHZ
> for $26 on E-bay).

Excellent deal....

>     Now the questions. First about memory. This system will take dimms, is
> their something funky I should know about them or can I find generic dimms
> and use them? Do they have to go in in groups of two?

In my experience, they're not quite generic.  They do need to go in
as pairs.

>     Secondly, how much better are the elite3d cards over the one that I
> currently have? Enough of a difference to justify an upgrade or am I just
> being silly? If it is justifiable then what is the difference between
> Elite3D-m3 and Elite3D-m6  and the what does the Series 2 Accelerator add to
> the equation?

Play with what ya got, then make the decision.  Creator's not crap.

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