[rescue] Ultra 10

Michael A. Turner mturner at whro.org
Tue Dec 24 12:45:15 CST 2002

Never look a gift horse in the mouth...

Free is great, don't get upset that it is not "the best" Ultra 10 - it
is a fine box, just enjoy it!


    I am not looking at it that way. I meant it more as I was trying to
figure out what I should\could upgrade. 

    I also have it now. It is a creator 3d ( or at least the badge on front
says it is) I have two video card hookups in it, a VGA and a 13W3 Connector.
I have pulled the 13W3 out and I am right now trying to identify it with no
luck. I also see two stick of ram. Maybe I should go boot it and see what it
says. Now to figure out which is the creator card....
    BTW If anyone can give me a pointer on finding the identifying marks on
this card so I can look iy up I would not complain....

    Mike Turner

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