[rescue] Intergraph TDS 320?

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Mon Dec 23 08:10:59 CST 2002

   Bill Bradford asks:

> Is there such a beast?  Local surplus/junk place has some PCs, with
> what looks like "TDS 320" label, and Intergraph stickers on the sides.
> They kinda resemble an Ultra 5 in size and shape (pizzabox-style).
> Anybody know what CPU these use?  If so, worth picking up?

   There was a "TDZ" series but not, to my knowledge, a "TDS" machine.
The 320 probably uses Pentiums in the 133 MHz range.  I've got a TD-30
at home that  has dual 100 MHz Pentiums in it.

   If the machine is, in fact, a TDZ, it'll probably have a pretty good
graphics card in it.


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