[rescue] BIND 9 conf file example needed...

Mike Hebel nimitz at speakeasy.net
Sun Dec 22 12:12:26 CST 2002

Al Potter wrote:
> The new O'Reilly DNS & BIND cookbook is what you're looking for.  I has 
> problem specific recipes, some of which I spen DAYS figuring out on my own a 
> few years ago, and is well worth the $$.  I know you were looking to NOT 
> spend $$ on another O'Reilly, but nothing will get you up and running 
> quicker than this and a copy (which I presume you already have) of the 
> corresponding DNS & BIND.

Actually I have neither book since I've never had to deal with a DNS 
server until recently.  And going out and getting one right now would be 
problematic since I just mailed out $755 in bills and my wife exceeded 
our Christmas budget by $large_dollar_amount. ;-)

I should be able to get it up and running but I want to do it right and 
not cause any issues as far as the rest of the 'net is concerned.  I'd 
really hate to bork it and cause something like say...sunhelp.org...to 
not be seen. *grin*

Mike Hebel

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