[rescue] backup Sol9 to AIX?

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Sun Dec 22 13:46:54 CST 2002

We recently got in a two Sun Fire V100s that we need to back up.  (Let's not 
even get into why we got these... pure IDE and no SCSI stinks in my book.)  
These are our first Sun machines -- we're an IBM shop.

One of our IBM H50's has a dual DLT library attached and we'd like to see 
about using ADSM to back up these Solaris9 boxes.  I'm not sure if there's an 
ADSM client out for Solaris, but we could do something where we backed up 
Solaris to a disk file on the RS/6000 (maybe via NFS) and then have ADSM back 
that local file up to tape.

Any ideas out there?  I'm not familiar with backup commands / methods in 
Solaris yet, so any comparison of the methods available in Solaris to those 
available under AIX would help.


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