[rescue] looking for CDROM case 68 pin

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Sat Dec 21 12:24:40 CST 2002

"Paul Phillips" <paul at partitura.com> sez ...

> I have my Sun bootable (supposedly) Plextor SCSI cdrom drive (bare).  I
> need to mount it in an external case.  Does anyone have a cdrom case that
> they would like to get rid of?  I'd really like a 611 case so it is 68
> All the 611 cases on ebay right now seem to be hard drive cases.

If the Plextor in question has a jumper to set the block size, and you set
it to 512 rather than 2048, it will almost certainly boot a Sun,  I
understand that Suns later than mine (LXes and Classics) will even boot from
2048-block CD-ROMs, but I don't know the exact value for "later."

There is room in a 411 case for a Plextor 20X CD-ROM drive and a 68-to-50
convertor; that's the way I had one set up for my LX.  Worked fine.


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