[rescue] Sparcstation 4

Dan Williams dan.williams at btconnect.com
Fri Dec 20 08:23:29 CST 2002

> The sparc 4 chassis can take 2 80 SCA drives in the area on the left
> (looking from the front). There should be a 2 connector SCA backplane
> there (this can only take 1 or 2 1/3 height drives). There should be
> a cable leading from the mainboard to the backplane. On the right
> you have space for a single slim CD and a floppy (you should have
> a short 50 pin ribbon cable from the mainboard to connect
> to the CDROM drive, and short 40pin(?) floppy cable as well).
> If your merely trying to get 3 drives (2 SCA, 1 50pin) and no CD into
> the case, you shouldn't have a problem (setting the 3rd drive where
> the CD normally sits). If your trying to get 3 drives and a CD you
> will probably run into cooling problems. On last caveat the bottom
> SCA slot is permanently wired to ID 3, the top SCA slot is permanently
> wired to ID 1, and the 50 pin stub is, of course, open. Good luck,
> hope that helped.
> Jody
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The only cabling for scsi in the machine is for the drive in the middle
attached to the main board, by a quick-release handle thingy (getting
technical). I can see where the two drives and the cd rom should go but
there is no cabling for them, or the floppy. Are the cables fairly standard
or should I go an buy another sparc for the same money as a cable ?


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