[rescue] routing between FDDI and enet

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Thu Dec 19 13:12:30 CST 2002

Hmm.  I agree, reading that now, that it's in the current online
version.  I'll try adding a third interface to one of my test
boxes tomorrow--ISTR that the same language was there a year ago
but the bridge command barfed when I tried to add a third
interface.  Guess I'll try to re-validate reality.


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> >As another minor point, though, I'm not aware of any freely-available
> >OS that supports bridging more than two interfaces--unless there
> >have been recent improvements to the OSs mentioned above.  That
> >means that the proposed four-interface bridge above can't happen.
> The OpenBSD 'bridge' man page claims two or more interfaces 
> are possible.
> I've not tested this.
> newell
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