[rescue] routing between FDDI and enet

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Thu Dec 19 12:46:06 CST 2002

> > If you put linux on your p-II then you can enable bridging 
> > between them.  
> > I know linux supports bridging, not sure about the BSDs.  I 
> > am trying to 
> > build a linux bridge to connect fddi, (2) 100mbit ethernets 
> > and a 10mbit ethernet
> Open and Free both support bridging - I assume Net does as well.

As another minor point, though, I'm not aware of any freely-available
OS that supports bridging more than two interfaces--unless there
have been recent improvements to the OSs mentioned above.  That
means that the proposed four-interface bridge above can't happen.

Too bad, too, because I need to do something similar.  The only
filtering/firewalling bridge of which I'm aware that can handle
more than two interfaces is the Lucent Managed Firewall, which
costs serious money but also includes a management GUI etc.

If anyone knows of a way to bridge more than two interfaces on the
same box, please send a correction to the list...

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