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I'm still using my PVR card these days but if i had to
repurchase equipment i'd probably just create DV files on a
Mac from individual frames and output to DV tape via
Firewire. I haven't kept up with the specs in the past few
years so i don't know how DV compares to Digital Betacam, but
my guess is that it would be usable for all but the most high
end projects (take notice of the word "guess").  I do know
it will beat the hell out of anything an SVHS/Hi8 deck will

As for the single from stuff these days, i seriously doubt
many are still using it.  It was *incredibly* stressful
on the decks, took forever, was error prone and of course was
exorbitantly expensive.  Since mid/late 90s most FX houses
are useing DDR for video.  Film is still done single frame on
film printers though, at least to my knowledge.

I remember seeing a 3D animation in the mid 80s at the Omni
theater in Ft Worth (or was it Dallas?) called "The Magic
Egg".  The animation began and ended showing a film
camera being pointed directly into the computers display in a
manner much like you describe.  I guess that was common
practice in those days.


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Joshua D Boyd <jdboyd at> wrote:

> As I said, never touched such a thing.  First experience was
> with a toaster and PAR.  I don't think I'm too excessively
> sad about that, but I'd rather do high quality non-real time
> capture than low quality real time.  Problem is, I can't
> afford either right now.  But, a good real time board is
> cheaper than a frame acurate VCR these days.  But, perhaps
> not by much.  I can't seem to find very many 4:2:2 low ratio
> MJPEG boards and SDI costs too much.  Maybe someday.  Once I
> have a new job, and we have the stuff needed for appartment
> life, I'm planning on convincing my fiance that a Mac, a
> good video card, a good SVHS VCR, Maya, and a video monitor
> are essential.  Along with a bigger/better fileserver, and
> perhaps some compute nodes.  It might take awhile though to
> convince her of everything
> > I miss that, but not too much. I keep thinking of going
> > back to community college and seeing how they teach it
> > now...
> Couldn't say how they teach animation.  But you can bet that
> they probably aren't using frame acurate VCRs like that
> anymore.
> BTW, Buf Compagnie used to use a 286 running Intel Unix. 
> They rendered the frame to the display, then clicked the
> camera set up aimed at the monitor.   Very cool.  Would have
> been cooled if they had attached a solenoid to the camera
> button to make the computer automatically click it. 
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