[rescue] More R12k Octanes (EBay)

Shawn Wallbridge swallbridge at franticfilms.com
Wed Dec 18 18:57:41 CST 2002

Kevin wrote:

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>I remember reading this on the classic computer list
>FAQ, but wasn't sure if i should actually try it on a
>keyboard i care about.  What about heat?  My dishwasher
>has melted stuff with ease.  What about components
>corroding inside the keyboard before drying (assuming i
>shut off "heated" drying).  At the least i'd loose the
>paper label....
>Has anyone here done this with good results on an old
>PS/2 SGI keyboard or a Sun Type 5?
I have done it with my MS Natural (both the original and the elite). It 
works great. I set mine to the lowest possible heat setting on the 
dishwasher to avoid any melting.

I have read that if you are in a hurry, you can stick it in the oven at 
the lowest setting for a few hours, but I have never tried that.


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