[rescue] Various stuff trade/questions/wanted...

roosmcd at dds.nl roosmcd at dds.nl
Tue Dec 17 15:24:29 CST 2002

>>  And I have two Decswitches 900EF here (FDDI-ethernet), anyone know 
>> how to power these things without a backplane? I've found that there is an 
>> option for doing this, is this option obtainable? But I would prefer just to 
>> use an adapter, is there a pinout for the power supply anywhere?

>   I have two of the managed backplanes here; I could be talked out of 
> one or both of them.

 I'm still saving money for my kayak, so probably wouldn't offer more than 
shipping costs. Which are probably a high, from Florida to Europe.

>> These things look
>> like nice toys, too bad I got rid of all my other FDDI stuf :(.
>   Ahh, moved everything to HIPPI? ;)

 No, I seem to be missing essential parts for most networking gear... Right now 
I have some Servernet II cards, but am missing the cables. I've also got a nice 
HDSL setup consisting of two desktop units, but on the other side they 
terminate into G.703 (T1). And of course I've got an accesspoint with no 
wireless cards. Life is not fair :).


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