[rescue] Various stuff trade/questions/wanted...

roosmcd at dds.nl roosmcd at dds.nl
Tue Dec 17 09:50:55 CST 2002


  First question, does anyone want to trade HP K-class rackmounts skins for a 
set of normal skins (WITH wheels please!)? I've got a K210 in rackmount skins, 
but would rather have a (smaller, portable) normal version. I've also got a HSC 
differential scsi card that isn't doing anything, I would prefer to trade for 
additional K-class memory.

 And I have two Decswitches 900EF here (FDDI-ethernet), anyone know how to 
power these things without a backplane? I've found that there is an option for 
doing this, is this option obtainable? But I would prefer just to use an 
adapter, is there a pinout for the power supply anywhere? These things look 
like nice toys, too bad I got rid of all my other FDDI stuf :(.
 Rangelan2, any experiences? I have a Proxim accespoint 7520, but having only 
one accespoint limits the fun a bit. There seems to be a lot of (cheap) 
rangelan2 stuff on ebay.com, but I read somewhere that US/Europe equipment is 
not compatible for rangelan2 and somehow I don't see any of this stuff 
appearing in Europe. I suppose it is too much hoping that US equipment can be 
converted to EU equipment by switch or software variable?
 And I had a nice resue this Sunday. I got 2 HP 9915 (industrial HP-85) for 
$5 :). Unfortunately without accesoires...


ps. I've also got a HSZ70 cache module, without memory. Does anyone want to 
trade something for it? Or want to give a compatible disk array for it? :)

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