Apple Clones (was: [rescue] BMRT SGI)

Joshua D Boyd jdboyd at
Mon Dec 16 22:39:49 CST 2002

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 04:27:56AM -0500, Kevin wrote:
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> I'm fairly ignorant on the Avid options at the
> time, but i'm talking well before media100 days, single
> frame to tape not real time :) Targa cards (pre Targa
> 2000).

I knew people used to do that.  I just was forgetting about it.  I have
a card for single frame output for ISA machines, but have never actually
used it due to the scarcity of affordable frame acurate VCRs.

> IMHO Lightwave's rendering
> capabilities exceeded those of 3DS by a large amount
> at the time (3DS didn't even have ray tracing) but the
> work flow stuff got on my nerves in a big way. I could
> never get with it, and 3DS 4.x allowed for better
> texture control, once again IMHO.

I never really became an expert on texturing in Lightwave or 3DS.
Frankly, I find even 3DS Max's texturing to be rather frustrating.
Nothing sucks as bad as being able to say exactly what the texture
coordinate for each vertex in the scene should be, yet having trouble
figuring out how to make Max set it up that way.  I was rather tempted
to write a program to let me hand edit the coordinates in a .3ds file,
then reimport it to max to get it right, but then I just gave up.
Things might not have been so hard if the walls, floor, ceiling,
windows, and window frames had been seperate objects rather than trying
to use texture groups to do it, but I had made the geometry as one
moderate mesh, and was trying to keep it that way.

The thing that really agrevated me about 3DS in the DOS days was I never
found the modelling to be as intuitive as Lightwaves.  If I went back to
the DOS version now I probably would be able to get around better, but
it really drove me bonkers back then.  Also, I liked animation in
lightwave better.  I saw plugins advertised for 3ds to add things like
bones, but I never saw them in action.

Joshua D. Boyd

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