Model 100? Early Americans? RE: [rescue] Digital server 7000r)

Carl R. Friend crfriend at
Mon Dec 16 17:42:45 CST 2002

   Rip writes:

> ObRescue:  Since it's probably not of general interest but
> might be of intense interest to specific rescue folks, could
> any Model 100 fanciers please contact me off-list?  Courtesy
> of my parents' move from the house they've been in for ~25 years,
> some interesting things have come to light--the latest being
> a barcode reader (new old stock, never opened or used, with
> cassette full of software) for a Model 100.  There should be
> more such stuff on the way.

   The actual barcode reader is a very simple device.  The heavy
listing is done in software.  I have a 100 (used to have 2; one
died a while ago) and a 102.  They're very nice machines.  One of
the 100s travelled across most of a continent to keep me in touch
with the world when I went after an Interdata Model 3 and a PDP-8/I.

> We now return you to the whatever-it-is list.

   The "I'll meet your Vikings and raise you an Irishman" list.  ;-)

   As an aside, is there a reason _why_ the list completely obliterates
authors' e-mail addresses?  I wanted to send part of this in private
channels, but couldn't find Rip's e-mail addy anywhere in the headers.


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