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Yuri K koroby398 at ifrance.com
Sat Dec 14 23:29:07 CST 2002

Hello Rick,

Sunday, December 15, 2002, 5:09:04 (UTC), you wrote:

>> How were they forced to discover it?  I thought they were explorer, like 
>> the Spanish?

RH>         Recent discoveries say that Eric the Red was fleeing from a crime
RH> he committed. 

        Yes, quite a few explorers did not fit their environments.
        Actually, his Papa, Thorvald came from Norway, where he was
        banished for a murder, Eric progressed to a double murder in
        Iceland and as a result of his banishment from Iceland went to
        what is now known as Greenland.  This pattern is not uncommon
        to other discovery and imperial expansions.  In Moscovia, and
        later in Russia, runaway surf peasants who were fed up with
        their landlords to the extent that they killed them, went on
        and beyond outskirts of the Dukedom and later Empire and
        settle there.  Some would become settlers and get involved in
        agriculture and cowboying, some would continue to kill and
        thus move farther.  Siberia was anschlussed like that as well
        as part of Caucasus.  They were called Cossacks and had a
        peculiar and very interesting culture.  They were all evaporised
        by Comrade Stalin later.  Individualism on collective basis is
        not well tolerated by ego-maniacs who prefer to instill
        collectivistic ideologies on an individual basis.
        International and National Socialism are good examples of

        Sir Francis Drake was an accomplished criminal and Captain
        Cook was one hell of a cookie too.  It doesn't take an
        ordinary man to cross the boundaries of comfort zone.
        Kinda like UNIX-Land phenomenon:)

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''Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as 
you please.'' - Mark Twain

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