[rescue] sparc laptop

Frank Van Damme frank.vandamme at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Sat Dec 14 17:29:27 CST 2002

> Okay, so I deleted the original post.  Was someone looking for a 2.5"
> SCSI drive?  What size?  And how reliable does the drive need to be?  I
> ask, because I have a couple 500MB SCSI drives out of old PowerBook
> 540's that work, but are a bit loud, so may be on their way out.  If the
> original poster is intersted, I could ship one out (just pay shipping).
> I'm not sure how much longer it will last, or even if it will eat your
> first born, though.

Size? Well, 2.5 inch ;)
50 pins, scsi2...
500 megs might be a bit tiny...

> As per the convertor, it was used on Powerbook5300 and 190's, IIRC.  I'm
> not sure what their limits are/were, but basically, Apple still had SCSI
> in those laptops, but IDE drives were so much cheaper.  Maybe you can
> find a dead one (the laptop).
> Mike

That inverses the problem :-)

Don't they manufacture these kind of adaptors anymore?

I frankly would have expected Apple to offer upgrades to their older
powerbooks, but their site only talks about fancy firewire and usb stuff. For
laptop disks, only ide...


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