[rescue] Re: Apple Clones (was: BMRT SGI)

Mike Hebel nimitz at speakeasy.net
Fri Dec 13 20:37:42 CST 2002

Robert Novak wrote:

> >>I'm thinking "Wizardry" but I'm probably wrong.
> >
> >I don't think it was "Wizardry".  I remember the name being weird, but I
> >don't remember the name itself.
> I remember Eamon, had dozens (hundreds?) of dungeon disks to go with it,
> and was always big in the Apple shareware collections. Although the game I
> really want is Questron. For any platform.

Eamon!  I'd almost forgotten about it.  Yup.  That's the one with a 
wierd name.  I played that a couple of times.  Cool game.

Mike Hebel

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