[rescue] Das Stuff - Portlandor

Yuri K koroby398 at ifrance.com
Fri Dec 13 19:38:28 CST 2002

Hello Sheldon,

Saturday, December 14, 2002, 1:17:07 (UTC), you wrote:

STH> I didn't realize you were so close; I live on an island just across Puget
STH> Sound from Seattle.

                 Hokkaido or Sakhalin by any chance?

Samovar issue will be addressed :) Usually comes down to a shot of
chai orand a cup of vodka. Singing afterwards was mandatory.  The
kissing and pledging eternal friendship would be followed by a good
friendly fistfight. If they don't do that on your island, it's not
Sakhalin and it's safe for me to come.

The best fake samovars come from Turkey via Alaska.

STH> If you ever get up to Seattle, give me a holler.  I have a samovar I'd like
STH> you to look at.

Best regards,

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