[rescue] Das Stuff - Portlandor

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri Dec 13 19:17:07 CST 2002

"Yuri K" <koroby398 at ifrance.com> says

> Emergency situation: have some stuff to give.
> Portland, OR area.
> SUN Tape Drive: X660A-ST
> SUN SPARCstation IPX, has pre SVR4 SUN OS installed on a Quantim SCSI
> drive, everything spins, except that someone stole Ether.
> SUN Monitor: huge and heavy, but still very bright 21" GDM20D10 with
> cable.
> SGI Iris Indigo ripped by somebody, PSU and backplane are fine.
> Very convenient height if you use it when you tie shoelaces.
> Beautiful piece.
> All for a narrow 9 GB SCSI drive.

I didn't realize you were so close; I live on an island just across Puget
Sound from Seattle.

Unfortunately, I don't need any of that stuff, and don't have a spare 9 gig
drive to trade.  BUT, if no one else speaks up, and it's either me or the
dumpster, I'll figure out some way to take it off your hands and trade
_something_ for it.

If you ever get up to Seattle, give me a holler.  I have a samovar I'd like
you to look at.


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