Apple Clones (was: [rescue] BMRT SGI)

Patrick Giagnocavo +1.717.201.3366 patrick at
Fri Dec 13 18:15:22 CST 2002

On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 at 04:00:35PM -0800, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 at 05:05:00PM -0500, Patrick Giagnocavo +1.717.201.3366 wrote:
> > The leopard doesn't change its spots, and Jobs doesn't change his
> > tactics.  Remember what he did to the Mac clone makers?  Price aside,
> > they made better hardware than Apple.
> Err, really?  My friend had a Laser 128 which was, as far as I could determine, exactly identical to my //c, except for the label.
> 	Greg

Sorry, I meant the official Mac clones, e.g. Motorola StarMax and
PowerComputing.  The Laser 128 was not a Mac clone, but an Apple
clone(didn't run MacOS).  Should have been clearer.

However, I can believe that BMRT / ExLuna was left alone specifically
so it could be later crushed.  Larry Gritz (spelling?) worked for
Pixar after he started BMRT, then left and started/joined ExLuna.  You
can find his name in most of the Pixar/Disney movie credits.  

Jobs (IMHO) let it be open long enough to allay criticism of RenderMan
being closed, then as soon as ExLuna got scary he pulled the rug out
from underneath them.

Oh yeah, Jobs also sued MSFT over look and feel and somehow managed to

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