[rescue] Replacement front panel for Sun X680A (HP 88780) tape drive?

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezics at q7.com
Fri Dec 13 15:58:07 CST 2002

Well, it had to happen.  My 100% satisfaction/lucky streak on Ebay had to
end at some point... actually, it was a simple shipping disaster, which at
this time of year is to be expected, I guess.  The gorillas at UPS have an
uncanny knack for finding the most vulnerable corner of the package and
dropping it on precisely that spot.

I won the X680A for $2.95.  Three bucks for a compact 9-track autoloader 
with a SCSI interface - something I've wanted for YEARS, because my old 
employer has a huge library of cool old tapes that I wanted to rescue.  
Complete archives of comp.unix-wizards from the early 1980s!  Some very 
nifty source tapes of old Mach releases, HP-UX, work on the HP-PA port of 
Chorus, etc.  Just tons of neat old crap that I wanted to sift through and 
maybe preserve on CDROM.  And I was *this close*!


Does _anyone_ just happen to have a non-functioning Sun X680A drive and
would be willing to sell/trade the front panel assembly?  The left side is
smashed, so the bezel and drive door would need to be replaced; the rest
seems to be reasonably intact.  I haven't attempted to power it up (have
to blow out the #!&(*$)*!$ foam peanuts and clean the thing) but have to
wait for the UPS claims guy to come look at it first.

I figure this is a long shot, but if anyone has or even remembers these 
units, it's Rescue. :-)


-- Chris
<skeezics at boondoggle.com>

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