[rescue] SGI

Ross Alexander ross at mail.two-cats.net
Fri Dec 13 12:49:42 CST 2002

> Is anyone offering to help organise this?  I've never been involved in 
> anything like this, but I'd think we would probably need to start with a 
> list of:
> - names,
> - email addresses,
> - SGI hardware owned (particularly those that can run 6.5),
> - statement from owner detailing what they use their boxen for and how a 
> hobbyist program would benefit SGI.
> - anything else???

I have a couple of Indigo2s (R4400 and R10k) and an Indy that I haven't
set up yet.
Probably use them as xterms, for email, web browsing etc when I do get
them running.

Ross Alexander
ross at two-cats.net

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