[rescue] 13w3 Adapter

Frank Van Damme frank.vandamme at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri Dec 13 11:39:15 CST 2002

On Friday 13 December 2002 18:28, Klaasjan Brand wrote:

> Speaking of 13w3 adapters: what is the difference between that sun-to-pc
> monitor and a pc-to-sun monitor adapter? Since the 13w3 monitor cables
> are male on both sides, is it possible to get a pc with a decent
> (matrox) video card to display on a Sun monitor using a sun-to-pc
> monitor cable?

Maybe with a hd15 gender changer, I don't know. I ordered cables like that,
they didn't arrive yet.

sun-monitor to pc-videocards cables should have a male hd15 connector on 1
side and male hd15 the other. Or you might use an adaptor with a female 13w3
+ male hd15.

For a pc monitor to a sun box, the the cable is usually soldered to the pc
monitor. So you need an adaptor with 13w3-male and hd15-female.

About Matrox: the cool thing about Matroxes is that they can handle
sync-on-green and composyte sync (which is what most sun boxes seem to use).
So you don't need a sync convertor.


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