[rescue] Auction/unix stuff in Albuquergue

Tom Ponsford tponsford at theriver.com
Thu Dec 12 22:49:26 CST 2002

I guess I was pretty luck that day, It was one of the last lots and a 
lot of people had left. Usually there are some real
sharks there, but not that day. I'm kind of a bottom feeder. I wasn't 
going to bid over $30 for the lot, luckily I won.
Besides I already had only a truck half-full o' stuff and I  didn't wqnt 
to make that long journey back to AZ with only a half-full truck. :)

I usually do my auction feeding here in AZ. I picked up a Vax 4000/200 
for $2.50, a palette of turbochannel DEC3000
for 5.00, I splurged and picked up a rackmount alphaserver 2100A with 
storageworks 6' rack and all for about $100,
I really paid too much, but I was trying to make a big VMS cluster, and 
having a big ol' 4/275 appealed to me.

If I told you some of the stuff I had to pass on not because I didn't 
have the money, but no room, you would break down and cry.

Usually when I'm done playing with my toys (or run out of room) I sell 
them dirt cheap to the CS students down at the local JC.



Dave McGuire wrote:
>   You have GOT to be kidding me.
>       -Dave
> On Thursday, December 12, 2002, at 10:31 PM, Tom Ponsford wrote:
>> Octanes and Indigo2' mostly plus monitors keyboards.,etc.. All had 
>> hard disks removed
>> Some were canibalized, some had some really interesting graphic cards, 
>> fast ethernet cards and
>> fibre storage cards About 12 and half machines All-in-all a good haul.
>> Tom
>> Thomas Gallaway wrote:
>>> what was on the palett of SGI's???
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>>>> For those who live in the Southern Colorado, New Mexico, West Texas 
>>>> and Arizona areas. It might be worthwhile
>>>> to check the auctions of good stuff from Sandis Labs.., etc. this 
>>>> weekend
>>>> I last went to one of these about a year ago, and it's been my 
>>>> experience that while the scientific equipment
>>>> will sell high (comparitively speaking.. cents on the dollar, 
>>>> compared to new) and there might be quite a few biders
>>>> on the peecee stuff, the unix stuff goes for next to nothing.. I 
>>>> picked up a pallet of SGI's for about $25.
>>>> Its hit or miss, and there is a list of items being sold on the 
>>>> website,  but very little descriptions.
>>>> I did notice a fair amount of Sun and SGI stuff
>>>> I can't go this time so I'm letting out my little secret..heh..heh
>>>> The site is here;
>>>> <http://www.bentleysauction.com/misc/listings/nm121402.htm>
>>>>  Good luck
>>>> Tom
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