[rescue] A SCSI for SS10?

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Thu Dec 12 19:03:04 CST 2002


patrick at zill.net said:
> Cordially
> Patrick 
> -- 
> ISLAM isn't a religion.
> Islam is a club for losers and idiots.
> Not convinced? Try this: Purchase a diaper, and wrap it around your
> head. Now, walk around in public.

Ya know, normally I'm a pretty tolerant guy....

But this is neither "cordial" nor productive.

It is exactly the kind of racist bullshit that feeds the Islamic extremist 
point of view, and frankly, with all of the shit blowing in the wind these 
days, those of us who are NOT Islamic can do without redneck (yes, I said 
REDNECK) attitudes like this, particularly in a public, archived forum.

BTW, I challenge you to substitute REDNECK for ISLAM and CONFEDERATE FLAG 
for diaper in your bullshit .sig, and not conclude that you don't meet your 
own selection criteria for "losers and idiots".



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