[rescue] Re: SGI

Corda Albert J DLVA CordaAJ at NSWC.NAVY.MIL
Thu Dec 12 14:15:09 CST 2002

I'd be interested in a hobbyist licence program. It would
also be nice if they made IRIX 6.2, 5.3 and 4.0.5f available
for the older stuff.  These versions, along with 6.5, would
allow the restoration of almost any older system. I can't
imagine the availability of any of these older versions
hurting their revenue stream... although it may be advisable
not to ask for too much initially... we might frighten 'em

Al Corda (acorda at 1bigred.com)

SGI Stuff:

6.5.xx capable:
4 Indigo R4400
2 Indigo2 R4400
2 Indigo2 R10K
1 Onyx VTX
1 Onyx RE2
2 O2 (R5K & R10K)
3 Origin 200
6 Indy (Various CPU speeds)
3 Octanes(2 Dual R10K and 1 R12K)

6.2 capable:
1 Crimson RE

6.1 capable:
2 Indigo2 R8000

5.3 capable:
1 Crimson RE
1 4D/480 Predator rack
1 4D/35
1 4D/25
1 4D/70 (twin tower) (4.0.5f preferable)
1 4D/85 (4.0.5f preferable)
1 4D/440 (twin tower)

As to what I do with the above (besides heating my house), I mostly
tinker with the hardware and play around with some distributed processing
stuff. Not all the equipment above is currently operational, as I am short
on both memory hard disks and caddys. Such items seem to migrate to the
particular machines in use at the moment.


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