[rescue] Visualize C160 workstations

Marc Gutschner Marc.Gutschner at Triplan.COM
Thu Dec 12 03:20:00 CST 2002

> Is it worth rescuing them, and if so, how useful are they? How are
> *BSD/Linux on them, in the event that I can't get the appropriate HP/UX
> release for them? Will they boot from an external single-ended disk or am
> I stuck with diff? Are they friendly to serial consoles? Anyone want one?

I'm quite fond of "older" HP workstations since they are built like a tank
and perform quite nicely. Although the newer ones (B1000 et al) my scream
performance-wise I don't like the PCish attitude of their "funky" cases...

As to an appropriate HP-UX Release, I've 10.20 and 11i that run well on my

AFAIK the C160 and C180 have both a Fast/Wide differential and a Fast/Narrow
Single-ended connector on the back...

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