[rescue] SGI

Mike Still MikeS at McBurney.com
Wed Dec 11 08:14:09 CST 2002

hmmm.... this rather does suck.  I just tried to get the M stream with
my regular surfzone account and it didn't work.  

It's like sgi doesn't want people running IRIX anymore... Maybe another
nail on the coffin???

Well at least you can still get security patches for the releases in the
patch area.

When first looking at getting an sgi box I called them up and asked
about a hobby program and didn't get anywhere.  I'll call up again to
see if i can weasel something out of them.

On Wed, 2002-12-11 at 04:11, Robert Rose wrote:
> Hi Rescuers,
> Has everyone seen SGI's new Maintenance release policy?
> http://support.sgi.com/news/support/IRIX_M_Stream_Implementation1.html
> 500 bucks per year for the privilege of downloading Maintenance releases... 
> ouch!
> Maybe it's time we rally the troops together and collectively try and get a 
> hobbyist program set up similar to the OpenVMS arrangement?  Anyone got any 
> contacts within SGI that could help us out here?
> Rob.
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