Xeon's (was Re: [rescue] pursuing a VAX)

Shawn Wallbridge swallbridge at franticfilms.com
Wed Dec 11 08:08:01 CST 2002

>Wow, not five minutes after posting, here I am replying to my own message.
>Apperently Intel makes a Xeon called "Xeon MP" that will support 4-way
>smp.  The Xeon MP also has a L3 cache sized between 512KB-2MB.  But
>according to Intel's website it is only available in speeds up to 2ghz.
>So I don't know how current a product it is, I had never heard of it until
>tonight!  But what I said about the normal Xeons is true, they only
>support 2-way Smp.
>				josh
And the Xeon MP's are friggen' expensive. $6500CAN for a single 2.xGHz 
processor. I got a quote on a 4 processor and it was over $32K. Our 8way 
Xeon PIII (550's), was 'only' $43K two years ago.


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