[rescue] Linux on SS1000 (was SS1000)

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Mon Dec 9 17:36:17 CST 2002

bdwheele at indiana.edu said:
> Here's a dumb question:  How does redhat build a distribution?  It
> seems like it'd be fairly automated with source rpms, once the
> original patches/etc are taken care of.  

It is fully automated once the version is mature enough.

> If it could be automated in a
> cross-compiled sort of way, it seems like an "unofficial" redhat 8.0
> for linux/(pick an arch) could be built with only a minor fuss, which
> would make the alpha and sparc ports come back to life, as well as
> other ports which never existed (hppa, m68k, arm, etc)

You are grossly underestimating the amount of effort needed to get packages 
to compile on more than one platform.  Go grab some SRPMS from version 6.2 
and look at the number of patches specific to a particular architecture, and 
you'll begin to get the picture.

I made a run at something like this, and wuickly became demoralized at the 
scope of effort involved.

Nice thought though.....


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