[rescue] pursuing a VAX

Joshua D Boyd jdboyd at cs.millersville.edu
Mon Dec 9 16:28:24 CST 2002

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 02:08:19PM -0800, Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez wrote:

> wanted, some of the fastest CPU (at least in paper) on the market. Granted
> it is absolutely not an elegant way to do it. But like war, it is not
> about who has the prettiest uniforms, but rather about who gets to win it.
> Again, we come to another full circle in the computer industry. A decade
> ago there was the same debate: Speed Demons (MIPS, Alpha, HP-PA) vs.
> brainiacs (POWER, 88K).....

It seems that MIPS in in the brainiacs camp now.

Joshua D. Boyd

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