[rescue] Rescue at RIT

Kurt Mosiejczuk kurt at csh.rit.edu
Mon Dec 9 15:36:15 CST 2002

I'm long time friends with the head system administrator for the computer
science department at RIT.  And he's well aware of my proclivity for SUN
systems =)

Well, the CS department is moving to a new building in 2 weeks and there
are some old systems they want to be rid of.  I've picked up 2 Sparc 1s,
2 Sparc 1+s, a Sparc 10 and several Sparc 5s.

I will be going back to get more (they've got a few R5K Indys with 17 and
19-inch monitors they'd love to give me), but I've only got so much
room, ESPECIALLY since I'm still packing and shipping machines from the
big ebay rescue =)

They've got 9 16-17" Sun Monitors that frankly I have no use for and
don't have the space for... about 2 or 3 might be 1662s, the rest are
a generation before, I found 1604 on one of them.  They seem to take
13W3s, not BNCs, but are the bigger boxier monitors before the 1662s.

Okay, if anyone is interested in coming to my house and picking up
these beasts, I can rescue them and find a place to stash them for
a little while.  But let me know, I'm not gonna rescue more than maybe
1 or 2 unless people tell me they'll come get them.  I'd even be willing
to let you have a couple Sparc 2s or other Sparc 1 machines I've got
leftover, all for the price of showing up to my house.  Heck, my wife and
I are good cooks, we may even throw in a meal if you give us notice =)

So, let me know.


P.S.  I might be interested in IRIX media for R5K Indys soon =)

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