[rescue] pursuing a VAX

Eric Dittman dittman at dittman.net
Mon Dec 9 15:33:19 CST 2002

> >> things like, "I've got a dual 1GHz Pentium III system, so it's
> >> twice as fast as a 1GHZ Pentium III!" which isn't close to the
> >> truth.  You can't correct them, either.
> >
> >How much faster, on average, would such a system be?  I know it's not
> >linear, but is there a good rule of thumb for that?
> I've got a dual P3-450 at the house, and I used to have a single P3-450 at
> work.  With interactive use (edit/compile/debug) under win2k, the dual
> machine _felt_ maybe 50-75% faster, because the UI would remain responsive
> under load.

I have a dual PIII-750 and a single PIII-750, and they feel
close until I do one of the things a Wintel system isn't
designed to do well, like access a floppy or a non-DMA hard
drive or move the mouse or print or have a lot of screen
updates or have an MP3 playing or ...
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