[rescue] Linux on SS1000 (was SS1000)

Kevin Loch kloch at gurunet.net
Mon Dec 9 09:56:28 CST 2002

Gregory Leblanc wrote:
  If they ran Solaris, they might be equally stable,
> but they wouldn't get any useful work done, and they'd take me twice
> as long to get even close to getting things done, while I turned off
> all the extra stuff from Solaris.

That is very important and while there is more junk to turn off
in each new version, it still only takes about 5 minutes to do by
hand.  If you were doing a bunch of machines with the same os
you could write a script to do it instantly.

Speaking of that, what convention do peopele use in /etc/rc*.d?

I move unwanted fies (links) like this:

mv S88Sendmail .S88Sendmail

so they disappear as well as don't run.


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