[rescue] More clearing out and sorting-REVISED

Chad Fernandez fernande at internet1.net
Sun Dec 8 23:21:26 CST 2002

All items $1.00 plus shipping unless otherwise specified.

-PW2 Unisys Multiple Port Board, has two 16C452 serial ports and 1
parallel port, with driver disk, cable, and manual

-Gateway ISA video card with docs and drivers (5.25" HD), ATI Ultra/A,
ATI 38800-1

-486 AT motherboard model 486-PVT, I think it is a FIC, 7 slots, 2 with
VLB extensions, socket 3

-generic PC plastic adjustable sidestand

-decently built 5.25" bay to 3.5" floppy converter from old Gateway
386..... much better than the little flimsy things at the computer shows.

-Teac 32x cd-rom model CD-532-E (IDE, barely used) $15

-"The Longest Day" on RCA Selectavision Video Disk (CED) (2 disk set)

-"Tora Tora Tora"  on RCA Selectavision Video Disk (CED) (2 disk set)

-Paradise/WD 16 bit or 8 bit ISA 256K VGA card

-Alaska by James A. Michener, hard cover, a bit musty smelling, but not
too bad.

-IBM XT motherboard, supposed to be last bios revison, and was purchased
by me as such. $10

-AC 120mm 10 blade fan (loud and vibrates a bit too much for solid
mounting I think, real nice fan though)

-2 fan trays for the R400X DEC expansion chassis with fans
$10 for both

-SCO Open Desktop 2.0.0 on Qic tape with license certificate

For pick up only:

-large AT server case built by Tandy, for Grid, for the Government.
This case will hold a fullsize AT MB without it being underneath any
drive bays or the power supply.  Power supply has temp sensor and will
adjust fan speed.  Many drive bays.  Very Nice case, I just don't need
it anymore. Originally housed a EISA bussed 486. $10

Please reply off list

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

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