[rescue] Linux on SS1000 (was SS1000)

Klaasjan Brand kjb at studenten.net
Sun Dec 8 04:30:38 CST 2002

On Sat, 2002-12-07 at 23:34, Al Potter wrote:
> D00d:
> lionel4287 at yahoo.com said:
> > I think that ship has sailed,....
> Just to make sur eyou know the history, RedHat more-or-less underwrote the 
> initial sparc port, and had a fully supported sparc version through RZH 
> version 6.2.  They discontinued it because "no one was using it" as measured 
> by the the sales of soarc boxed sets.

Given the amount of "why install linux when you can have a decent os on
your sparc" kind of replies floating around here I'm not surprised...

> Never mind that typical users, if they bought the set at all (as opposed to 
> simply downloading it), bought it ONCE and installed it MANY times.

Could be sparc users more often have a "fat pipe" in the vicinity, so
why buy the boxed set...

Btw. for Redhat 7.3 on sparc check www.auroralinux.org.


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