[rescue] Q: OpenVMS NFS performance questions

Eric Dittman dittman at dittman.net
Fri Dec 6 18:33:28 CST 2002

>  I did a sysgen, so I assumed that it tuned all the parameters, and I
>  uderstand that there has to be a NFS => openVMS file system conversion (I
>  am using a container for the NFS share), but this is a 233Mhz alpha
>  performing like a piece of turd. So far I am less than impressed with
>  OVMS, does anyone use their VMS machines to serve files over NFS to teh
>  rest of their networks? If so what are the tricks (I followed DEC's online
>  ref instructions) and performance issues.

There are quite a few places serving files over NFS from VMS
systems, but OpenVMS really isn't the best OS to use for NFS.
I'm a big fan of OpenVMS, but I'd still recommend using *BSD
as a NFS server.
Eric Dittman
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