[rescue] A5000s w/ disk CHEAP

Eric Dittman dittman at dittman.net
Fri Dec 6 17:54:21 CST 2002

> > How hard/what are the recommended HBA's for these things (SBus and 
> > PCI)?
>    For NetBSD on PCI systems, the Qlogic QLA-2xxx are good.  For PCI 
> Suns running Solaris, the Emulex LP8000 is first class.  Dunno about 
> sbus.

I've got a couple of LP7000s, an LP8000, and an LP9000.  I'm
curious, though, if the A5000 has a way of setting the UDID
so I can use it with OpenVMS.

I don't know what setting the UDID actually sets, but I do
know OpenVMS won't use FC disks without it.
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