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Michael A. Turner mturner at whro.org
Thu Dec 5 14:53:43 CST 2002

> On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 12:56:27PM -0500, Michael A. Turner wrote:
> > 	include <computerstuff.h>
> > 	if ($spare != $free) $spare + $cash = $yours;
> > 	if ($spare == $free) $spare + $take_it_away = $yours;
> > 	else $go_away;
> Hmm, first, sine when does perl use .h files?  If not perl, what
> language uses $variables?  Certainly not C, which is what a .h file is
> usually for.
> Also, I think you meant:
>    if ($spare != $free) $spare + $cash = $yours;
>    else if ($spare == $free) $spare + $take_it_away = $yours;
>    else $go_away;
> since in most languages I've seen, the results of your program when
> $spare!=$free would be executing bother $spare + $cash = $yours and
> $go_away, and that doesn't seem to be what you meant.
> Also, what language recognizes $spare + $cash = $yours?  Most 
> would want
> something along the line of $yours = $spare + $cash.
> Hmm, there are so many things wrong here, it is hard to know whay else
> to start until a few get answered.  I guess the most important things
> would be, what language is this, and are you trying to say 
> you will pay
> some amount for the hardware, or you wont?
> -- 
> Joshua D. Boyd

	The language being used is called psuedo code. Something my teachers
used to ask for and then do to me exactly what you are doing....
	This started out as C++ really. Then I realized that the variables
would not have a nifty designator like $ in front so people would recognize
them as such so I added that in a fit or perlness. I was going to declare
them at the top but I could think of anything witty to set free to so I
decided to pass on that, plus it made the joke run on to long. 
	Now to defend myself I will declare that this is C++ and that all
variables with $ in front of them are made variables in the class contained
inside computerstuff.h . Also that makes room for overloaded operators such
as == and != which operate  the same but take the new variable type. Plus I
changed the order of operation in the .h file. So all I have to add to my
explanation is:

	Nah nah nah  THHHHppppppptttttttttt!

Michael A. Turner
Systems Engineer WHRO
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