[rescue] PowerMAC network card

Geoffrey S. Mendelson Geoffrey.Mendelson at mobileye.com
Wed Dec 4 03:34:44 CST 2002

Thanks everyone for your help. I was able to find in my junk bin a 
DEC DE500 ethernet card. A lttile ceatrive googling and I found that
HP has the drivers on it's web site, as they "aquired" Compaq who
aquired that piece of DEC.

Note that the drivers on the huge web site that has drivers for everything
(driverguide?) has the drivers in a form where they can only be downloaded
on a MAC. The Compaq site has them in a "universal format" (binhex).

BTW the card also is recognized by Yellow Dog linux 2.3, but the installer
keeps crashing. :-( I'm going to try 2.1 and SuSE 7.1, whish me luck.

Geoffrey S. Mendelson
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