[rescue] Rescued: Origin 200

Kevin kevin at pipeline.com
Tue Dec 3 09:21:21 CST 2002

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On Wed, 04 Dec 2002 16:51:00 +1300
Gavin Hubbard <ghub005 at xtra.co.nz> wrote:

> Hi Lads
> I've just rescued an old SGI Origin 200 system. I've
> booted it up and run some diagnostics - the rough
> configuration is as follows.
> Node A:
> Single 225MHz R10000
> 512MB (across 1 bank)
> 6 x 9GB
> Craylink cable
> XIO interlink cable
> Node B:
> Single 180MHz R10000
> 512MB (across 4 banks)
> 2 x 4GB
> Dual UW (or FWD) SCSI cards
> PCI NIC (with k/b and mouse ports?)
> Craylink cable
> XIO A:
> Configuration unknown, but no XIO or PCI cards
> visible.
> So basically, a dual Craylink system with two
> processors, 1024MB, 58GB storage, and an XIO box. The
> condition is very average as two of the nodes have
> cracked or marked skins and some of the rack ears are
> bent back. As far as I have been able to gather, they
> were pulled from a rack at a brothel (!?) and stored
> in a warehouse for a couple of months - there is
> pitting on the alloy surfaces inside the chassis. The
> OS is intact but I'm afraid to boot into it :-P (why
> would a brothel need a streaming media server.....)
> Oh - paid 300USD for the entire system.
> Regards,
> Gavin
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