[rescue] Motorola AIX (was: Strange OS for strange machines)

Yuri K koroby398 at ifrance.com
Mon Dec 2 17:24:29 CST 2002

Hello William,

Monday, December 2, 2002, 14:56:47 (UTC), you wrote:

>> WE> Is "echte barbaro-geeksprache" a dialect of Esperanto?
>> WE> I don't seem to recall *any* of this from my high school
>> WE> German classes...
>>     Sorry it was supposed to come without the hyphen.
WE>    Oooooooohhhh, now I understand it. Thanks!

   Excellent, now on top of that make it all one word.
   Did not want to throw you off in the beginning.
   Careful and cautious step by step approach does miracles.

   Mark Twain was fascinated by the genesis of compound words in
   German and wrote a piece.

Best regards,

 Festina lente

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