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Eric Dittman dittman at dittman.net
Mon Dec 2 09:19:35 CST 2002

> > There are a couple of Alphas that are NT-only that won't run
> > anything else, and there are some Alphas that are NT-only that
> > can run OpenVMS by setting a variable.
> Well I put new firmware on it, and have successfully loaded Linux and 
> OpenBSD on these guys..

Probably one of the other models, then.

> >> Bah.  Why bother.
> >
> > Because you want to try VMS?
> I *did* want to try it, mostly out of nostalgia.  But there is very 
> little call for the platform these days, and I rarely if ever see it 
> listed as a required skill for a sysadmin job.  If HP wants to make it 
> a pain for hobbyists to use, I got the message, and I won't use it (or 
> recommend it to clients).  I wish HP would treat their various OS 
> offerings the way Sun treats Solaris (at least, when they are offering 
> free downloads for low end boxen anyway).

I don't have any problem finding OpenVMS jobs.  Where I am working
we are loaded with OpenVMS work, and we've got some clients that are
either considering or working on migrating from NT/2000 or Unix
to OpenVMS.

I (and lots of other people) don't consider the hobbyist program
a pain, and overall it is superior to the Solaris hobbyist program
as you aren't limited to single CPUs (with the new Solaris 9 and
modified Solaris 8 hobbyist license) and you get licenses for just
about every compiler and tool.  With the Solaris hobbyist program
you have to pay for the compilers and tools.  You also can't run
Solaris legally on a SS20 with two CPUs, let alone a high-end
system with the hobbyist license, while the OpenVMS Hobbyist
license lets you run on any Alpha you have without any limit
other than the yearly renewal.
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