[rescue] Linux

Joshua D Boyd jdboyd at cs.millersville.edu
Mon Dec 2 09:14:17 CST 2002

On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 08:47:10AM -0600, Eric Dittman wrote:
> > > The OpenVMS Hobbyist License is available for any hobbyist
> > > system.  If your specific system isn't listed, you can just
> > > select one that's close.  If you don't have the system serial
> > > number, you can make one up.
> > 
> > Ah, didn't try that.  I have the S/N's but this model Alphastation was 
> > intended for NT methinks.
> There are a couple of Alphas that are NT-only that won't run
> anything else, and there are some Alphas that are NT-only that
> can run OpenVMS by setting a variable.

What Alpha is NT only?  I've never heard of one before.
Joshua D. Boyd

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