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Eric Dittman dittman at dittman.net
Mon Dec 2 08:28:59 CST 2002

> Right now I'm having more fun playing with my alphastations.  They 
> *were* going to run OpenVMS but the hobbyist license doesn't seem to be 
> available for this particular model, plus they expire after a year 
> anyway.  One of them is running OpenBSD 3.1 but that will change to 
> 3.2.  I need to get a nicer monitor in there as the NEC C400 can't seem 
> to support the higher resolutions that the Alphastations and HP 9000 
> Model 712's want to go up to.

The OpenVMS Hobbyist License is available for any hobbyist
system.  If your specific system isn't listed, you can just
select one that's close.  If you don't have the system serial
number, you can make one up.

As for the license expiring after a year, you can renew before
expiration.  The license expiration was put in place, IIRC, to
gauge the interest in the program and get an idea of how many
systems were in use.
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