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Yuri K koroby398 at ifrance.com
Mon Dec 2 01:05:51 CST 2002

Hello Michael,

Monday, December 2, 2002, 3:54:11 (UTC), you wrote:


MS> I'm just curious, what can OpenBSD do that Solaris can't?

      Out of the box? Quite a few, especially pleasant is the
      ability to do reconfigurations in runtime without resorting to
      play with init levels, like 'sh /etc/netstart'. More productive.
      It can also tar <g>. It can have seductively long passwords,
      can firewall quite nicely, can serve web pages in chroot in the
      default installation. And in general, for network management I
      found it to be more productive. Internals are thought out and
      are very well structured, e.g kernel and make configuration tree.

      It also has quite a few pet peeves of mine like the Sendmail.
      Another nuisance is the lack of continuity in supporting older
      releases, Solaris shines here as it does in scalability and
      excellent match to SPARC arch. OBSD doesn't need things like
      plumb, sys-reconfigure and that monstrous dance with
      tamburines when one needs to play with media configurations in
      ethernet department.  Solaris lacks personality of Theo a lot:)
      Actions of the OBSD crew make one sometimes too dependant on
      their personal issues, like was with qmail and a few other pieces.
      Debian is also nutty in this department at times.

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