[rescue] Xyplex flash card (again)

JJ Streicher-Bremer jj at ratisle.net
Mon Dec 2 00:34:24 CST 2002

First off, thank you to everyone who has posted about these xyplex
systems in the past!

I picked up an Xyplex 1600 unit with 2Mb onbord RAM ($30 on ebay).  With
the help of the list archives I was able to:
Get an OS booted and running
Get the system upgraded to 6 Mb RAM (for $.99 a stick)
Get the system configured to allow telnet in

I would love to be able to boot off a flash card.  I have two in my
possession.  One is an 8 Mb cisco flash card, the other is an 8 Mb
sandisk PC flash card (the kind that looks like an IDE drive to a PC).
Neither of these work in my xyplex system.  At first I was getting this
Xyplex>> format card
Xyplex -786- Memory Card Feature disabled

I then discovered the magical incantation of:
Xyplex>> define manager load enabled
Xyplex -705- Change leaves approximately 4886164 bytes free

After a reboot, the card feature was enabled.  Now when I try to format
a card I get this:
Xyplex>> format card
Xyplex -767- Unknown card type
Xyplex>> sh card stat
Xyplex -1702- Card format not recognized

These are the same errors no matter which card I use in it.

So, I'm wondering if someone on the list knows what kind of flash card
this thing is looking for.  I really have no desire to pay 4 times the
cost of the term server for a 4 Mb flash card :-)

Thanks in advance
JJ Streicher-Bremer

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